Winter Workout Program

We hope your 2021 is off to a great start! We are fresh into a new year, which is an opportune time to new set goals and intentions. Your Eclipse leadership has done just that, and our plans elicit feelings of excitement, anticipation, and hopefulness for this year.  

We are thrilled to unveil a 2021 Winter Program, exclusive to our Eclipse membership (tailored to age group and includes stretching and recovery).  This 6-week program includes a collection of workouts and stretching/recovery sequences, all designed to be completed at home using minimal equipment and space.  At the top of each workout, you will find “what you need” and the following page lists descriptions of each exercise included in that workout, in the order that they appear.  Stretching and recovery sequences can be incorporated and repeated throughout the 6 weeks as you wish.  The Winter Program is intended to supplement players’ soccer-specific training regimens.  However, the program is not intended only for our players… Parents, siblings, and caretakers are all invited to take part!  This is an opportunity for us all to embark on a new challenge together.  So grab an accountability partner and let’s commit to this program!

Because there is no shortage of competitiveness within the Eclipse family, we thought to establish a club-wide competition to see which team can come out with the highest percentage of players to complete the Winter Program at the end of the 6 weeks!  Bonus points will be added to your team’s total for coaches, TA’s, and each family member (siblings, parents, caretakers, etc.) who completes the 6-week program with their player. Look out for communications from your coach and/or TA with encouraging reminders and maybe even some strategies around how to hold each other accountable to be successful.

You can of course begin this program anytime you’d like, but we invite you to take some time this weekend to familiarize yourself with the program to prepare for a Winter Program Club Kickoff Day on Monday, January 25th.  Eclipse is starting 2021 off “strong”… Good luck to all!


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Eclipse Staff