Why Eclipse

Dedicated to Family, Built on Tradition, Committed to Excellence

Mission –
The Eclipse Select Soccer Club will foster a tradition of developing talent and experiencing success on and off the soccer field.  The club will strive to create a physically and mentally challenging environment that stimulates the athletes to reach their highest potential.  Eclipse Select will provide an atmosphere like none other, which instills a sense of pride and belonging to our players, teams, and families.

Philosophy –
The Eclipse Select Club and Soccer Philosophies are inseparable. The highest standards are demanded by staff and players to embody a blue-collar working ethic, a winning competitive mentality that hates to lose and finds a way to win understanding and expecting that every opponent will bring their best effort to beat us. Having a passion for and pride in the tradition of being hungry to play in, and win, the biggest games as a family of teams striving to leave a legacy for future generations to aspire to. Modeling a commitment to excellence and grit in serving to ensure that the club can continue to provide limitless opportunities for all its players.

Vision & Objectives –
Provide players with an environment that sets high standards for individual and personal development of athletes as good people and players fulfilling the philosophy of the club. Within a multi-tiered set of objectives based on age, gender and level of the team, compete to win and draw better players to raise the level of all players, thereby creating more opportunities for players to be placed with colleges greater at a rate greater than any other club in the country. Instill a sense that developing players, identifying potential talent within and outside of the club, relative to our tiered principles, improves teams making them appealing to the best players and competitive at their highest level. Set realistic annual goals that staff, parents and players commit to and follow through with at all levels.