Why Choose Eclipse Super Recreational Soccer Leagues

Principals of Coaching Super Rec Players:
*  Psychologically, Emotionally and Developmentally appropriate.
*  Training sessions that are age and time appropriate following a curriculum that is successful.
*  Clear, concise, correct information with coaches that can demonstrate proper form.
*  Coaches that are actively involved in the training session, participating while coaching.
*  Properly equipped and knowledgeable staff.
*  Sessions that build up from simple to complex to mastery.
*  Training consisting of many activities lasting 4-5 minutes each. Most of the activities involve one with a ball in a space playing side by side with others in parallel play.  (Organized Chaos).
*  No lines.  No laps.  No lectures.
*  Safe and appropriate training areas.
*  Lots of chances for individual decision making.
*  Use of guided discovery and meaningful questions.
*  The use of low-order and high-order questions during training sessions.
*  Positive Coaching by a staff that understand the characteristics of 5-8 year olds.
*  Incorporating the Slanty-Line Theory which is the belief that all children have a right to participate in activities at their own ability.
*  Equalizing challenges that allow each player the opportunity to be challenged and grow at their own ability.  So we strive to improve individuals first and by improving individuals we improve our teams.

Drills         versus      Game Activities
*Static                        *Dynamic
*Regimented              *Unstructured
*Lines                         *Free Movement
*Boring                       *Fun
*No thought                *Decision Making
*Age inappropriate     *Age appropriate

Small Sided is Better

What makes small sided games better for younger players:

  • high scoring and fast movement
  • Each player touches the ball constantly
  • Players’ learn the triangle
  • Helps each player move to the full-sided 11v11 game with confidence and skill
  • Learn spacing and supporting shape
  • Increase ball possession
  • Build confidence to control the ball in tight spaces
  • Enhance players’ speed of play
  • Enhance players’ field vision
  • Enhance players’ field awareness
  • Quick substitutions, lots of playing time
  • Increased number of game related decision-making opportunities
  • Constant transition from attacking to defending situations