John Soltani

Grew up and currently resides in Northbrook, Ill… Joined Eclipse Select in 2019… Currently holds a USSF A license, an NSCAA Premier Diploma, and a Youth National License.

Why did you Join Eclipse?
I joined Eclipse for many reasons, but foremost was the opportunity to work with great leaders and coaches. The only way to advance as a coach is to be pushed by your peers and Eclipse has some of the best youth coaches.

What do you like the most about coaching?
I like working with athletes to achieve team and individual goals. When the team succeeds the player succeeds. Being a part of a player accomplishing their goals is highly satisfying and makes it all worthwhile.

Why Should prospective players join Eclipse over other clubs in the area?
If a player is looking to take his/her game to the next level or compete in high-level soccer leagues then Eclipse is the place. Eclipse’s challenging and demanding environment builds elite soccer players.