Hannah Morway

Grew up in Lake Villa, IL, and currently resides in Wheeling, IL. Graduated from Western Michigan University in 2022 with a degree in Communications and Marketing.

Played with Eclipse for 7 years, won 3 consecutive Presidents Cup state championships , 2x regional championships, and one national final appearance.

Why Did you join Eclipse Select Soccer Club?

I joined Eclipse because of the club’s core values and ongoing commitment to family, tradition and excellence since day one. Having been connected to the club my entire life through my siblings playing careers as well as my own, I’ve seen firsthand that Eclipse Select Soccer Club has always and will continue to operate with these principles in mind.

Why Should prospective players join Eclipse over other clubs in the area?

The experience and opportunities provided at Eclipse are truly like no other. From the intensive training and abundant opportunities to improve among the best of the best, Eclipse does everything in their power to help you reach your goals.