Boys NISL/NPL Teams


Our boys program is an all-service system that meets the needs of all levels of players from under 7 years to under 19 years old.  Our variety of locations allows us to find a home for most players in the greater Chicago-land area. We are able to offer more accurate team placement options, and greater experiences, due to the amount of teams we have per age and additional events we play in.  The NISL and CIYSL serve as great local leagues with minimal traveling involved. It serves as our pathway to IYSA State Cup and USYS Midwest Regional/National League.


NISL Mission

Our mission is that all soccer related decisions should be made with the player in mind. We are interested in the development of youth soccer, not the politics. Our office staff consists of players and coaches that believe in creating and maintaining a league that is focused on the development of the players at various levels and providing a competitive and equal playing field. We believe the NISL should be governed by simple administrative procedures which provide players, teams and clubs flexibility in the player development process. The NISL will create, develop, and foster the growth of club and community soccer programs throughout the Chicago Metropolitan Area and surrounding states.

NISL Vision

NISL will provide a fun, safe and supportive environment, which nurtures and guides children to develop their talents, knowledge and appreciation for the game of soccer.

NISL will provide an equal opportunity to all soccer players, coaches, trainers, managers, administrators and officials to participate in youth soccer competitions.

NISL will provide an equal opportunity to all soccer players to participate in a competitive soccer environment that encourages good sportsmanship, principles of fair play, and the building of good character.

NISL will provide leagues and divisions so all soccer players, etc. can reach their highest level of competition.

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