Player Expectations

Eclipse Select Soccer Club expects all players to follow the club’s code of conduct and guidelines. As an Eclipse Select player, you agree to:

  • Represent Eclipse Select with the highest degree of integrity, commitment and professionalism both on and off the soccer field.
  • Respect the game, coaches, players, officials and parents at all times.
  • Honor your commitment to Eclipse Select. Be on time and in proper uniform for all practices and games.
  • Support and encourage your teammates and other Eclipse Select players during practices, games and events.
  • Communicate with your parents and Eclipse Select coaches about any questions or concerns you have regarding your team, performance, development and goals.
  • Maintain a sense of dedication to Eclipse Select by continually striving to develop both mental discipline and physical athletic conditioning.
  • Follow Eclipse Select guidelines and training for preventing soccer-related injuries.
  • Play soccer with passion, determination and spirit. Enjoy the game, lessons learned and friends you make while playing with the Eclipse Select family.