Hotel Information

Hotel Procedures & Requirements

The Eclipse Select Soccer Club Tournament Committee goes to great lengths to secure hotel room availability for all teams participating in our tournaments. With Chicagoland being as big of a city as it is with events going on every weekend, obtaining good hotel accommodations are hard to come by. Eclipse Select considers itself very fortunate to have partnered itself with outstanding hotels.

Teams traveling a distance greater than 100 miles* are required to reserve rooms through our Event Hotel Coordinator, using the group reservation procedure established by Eclipse Select and our hotel partners. Our host hotels are all centered around all tournament activities.
*Distance from the visiting Clubs’ headquarters to our own, we do not go by individuals and their home address’

DO NOT MAKE ACCOMMODATIONS OUTSIDE OF THE ASSISTANCE OF THE HOTEL COORDINATOR. Doing so could result in the removal of your team from the event. You must contact Katie Milne and she will arrange all reservations for your teams.