Girls U13-U19 Calendar

We plan to use this new Event Calendar APP as our Club-wide master calendar for all teams and levels. It is a work in progress and will continue to improve over time. Team Administrator and coaches are involved in updating events. This system will continue to improve with time and should become your “go to” for any and all club and team events.

*Please note, all games scheduled on July 31 are to be rescheduled to another date and time.

If you are have trouble with the functionality or finding your team please contact us Events Help

Training Apparel Requirements:
Monday/Tuesday- WHITE training shirts, black shorts/socks

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday- BLACK training shirts, black shorts/socks

GOALKEEPERS should wear the opposite color training shirts of their team

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East Black G2005    NWI Black G2005    North Black G2005    East Black G2004    North Black G2004    NWI Black 2004    NWI Black G2002    Composite G00/99


Eclipse Black (IL) 2002 U16   Eclipse White (IL) 2002 U16    Eclipse East Black (IL) 2005 U13