Eclipse Select members will be and are required to purchase the entire uniform package including warm-ups and backpacks from our partners at Capelli Sport. Players will not be able to participate in practices and/or games without doing so. Coaches and staff are cognizant and understand there is time between ordering and receiving the order in hand. Please communicate this with your coach and this will not result in being barred from participation.

Members will receive a personalized email from the club regarding uniform ordering prior to purchasing off of Capelli Sport’s webpage. If you have questions about the ordering process, please email Katie Milne.

link this for field player kits:  Eclipse Select Illinois – PLAYER MANDATORY KIT – Capelli Sport

link this for GK kits:  Eclipse Select Illinois – GOALKEEPER MANDATORY KIT – Capelli Sport

link this for FANSHOP access:  Eclipse Select Illinois – FAN SHOP – Capelli Sport

Uniforms run in two-year cycles, meaning the current uniforms will last for the 2022/2023 and 2023/2024 seasons. Please order with sizing in mind accordingly. For your convenience, here is the Capelli Sport Sizing chart:  ECL22VSC (capellisport.com)