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FC Wisconsin Eclipse has affiliations and partnerships with multiple organizations.  In Wisconsin, FC Wisconsin Eclipse is integrated with FC Wisconsin and the FC Wisconsin Nationals in the US Soccer Development Academy.  In Illinois, FC Wisconsin Eclipse has an affiliation with  ECNL sister-club Eclipse Select.  While many clubs talk about affiliations and partnerships, it is not clear to most people what these relationships actually accomplish.  What do they mean?  How do they impact individual players?  How do you decipher a meaningful relationship from others?

The affiliates and partners of FC Wisconsin Eclipse are designed with one singular goal: to have a positive developmental impact on every player in the club.  These affiliations and partnerships are not just another name on a jersey, or a different jersey to wear.  Below are a few ways how the FC Wisconsin Eclipse affiliations and partnerships help player development:

The FC Wisconsin Eclipse affiliation with Eclipse Select allows coaches from the organizations to interact with each other to share concepts and methodology, and coaches at FC Wisconsin Eclipse and to occasionally work with the FC Wisconsin Eclipse program on a regular basis.  The affiliation also allows FC Wisconsin Eclipse players access to the club-only Eclipse Select College Showcase held in Oak Brook, Illinois every season.  This showcase is closed to Eclipse players only, and draws nearly 50 schools every year.  In addition, FC Wisconsin Eclipse coaches will also go to Illinois on a regular basis to work with the Illinois Eclipse players and coaches.  To facilitate a consistent player development model, the training curriculum of all these players (Wisconsin and Illinois) will be very similar.
The FC Wisconsin Eclipse affiliation with FC Wisconsin provides similar benefits.  Coaches from the FC Wisconsin staff work with the FC Wisconsin Eclipse program on a weekly basis.  These coaches will also help to insure that players that “bubble up” at FC Wisconsin over the course of the year do not get over-looked for consideration in the ECNL.  Finally, these coaches will insure curriculum and methodology overlap between the organizations.  To facillitate this, FC Wisconsin Eclipse DOC Christian Lavers serves as the Technical Director at FC Wisconsin.  Finally, FC Wisconsin Eclipse coaches will work with the U11 and U12 FC Wisconsin teams every week – to help the development of these players and to prepare them for the ECNL in the future.  In other words, in a meaningful affiliation and partnership – and in FC WISCONSIN ECLIPSE – players get more and better coaching because of consistent overlap and exchange.
At FC Wisconsin Eclipse, we pick our partners carefully with one aim – improving the player development environment.
We are excited about how they will help our already tremendous staff and environment get even better, and we are excited about how they will help Wisconsin’s ECNL Program become one of the best in the country.
We want to have the opportunity to work with you to help accomplish your soccer goals!

Eclipse Select MN  Andy Kaasa

Eclipse Select MN Mission Statement
To Create a culture of excellence to succeed at the highest level both on the field and in life.

We believe that every person has a vision, that every person dreams bold dreams, and that every person has what it takes to be a great leader.  When the focus is put on developing the person, they develop the courage to live their word, take responsibility for their actions, live from possibility and action, understand commitment, and realize the power of contribution.  We believe that when a person chooses to live based upon their commitments they will achieve greatness, which in turn, impacts others and makes a difference for many!

At Eclipse Select MN we believe that when we understand and trust ourselves, honoring the choices that have brought us to today, the approval of others will no longer be needed nor sought.  Fear will no longer dictate how we perceive ourselves and others.  Words of judgment will be replaced with words of gratitude.  Abundance will supersede over scarcity, abolishing the need to make others wrong and inferior.  And at last, we will be left with our ability to choose from love where every human being is valued.  We will see with new eyes the great, yet simple truth, that there is the same gift within every one of us – The gift to give love, be loved and make a difference!

Dedicated to Family, Built on Tradition, Committed to Excellence.