2021 Eclipse Winter Program Final Standing and Results

OAK BROOK, IL (March 11, 2021) – The Eclipse Select Soccer Club is excited to announce the final results and winners of the 2021 Eclipse Winter Program. The six-week pre-season program was designed by the coaching staff and training professionals to supplement a soccer-specific training regiment for club members and their families by providing a weekly workout schedule consisting of strength, cardio, and recovery exercises. Over 200 participants tracked their progress utilizing a point-based friendly competition format pinning teams and players against one another. Together, a great way to motivate and keep teammates accountable in a time when we have been socially distant more often than not. At the completion of the six weeks, each participant completed anywhere between 12-18 intense and advanced workouts, using minimal space and equipment. We can not wait to see those who have participated, showcase their heightened level of physical fitness as we enter the 2021 spring campaign.

The winners of the Eclipse Winter Program have been categorized by Individual Winners (participants who fully completed the program were drawn randomly to win a prize) and Team Winners (teams that accumulated the most point within their age division). The names listed below have finished the program in its entirety and will be rewarded with awesome Capelli Sport prizes. Those who competed on the teams that won but did not complete the program will not qualify. Stay tuned as the prizes for the winners below will be announced at a later date.

A special shout-out to the Eclipse Select North ECNL 2007 Girls who lead the way among all the teams with an impressive 3,378 points!

INDIVIDUAL WINNERSReese + Meghan Maxwell - Reese is a current LDL player and hopefully a rising Eclipse Star!
Grace Grundhofer - 2002 North ECNL Girls Team
Sabina Mazur - 2005 East ECNL Girls Team
2002-2005 GROUP
2005 NORTH ECNL GIRLSChloe Grundhofer
Esther Albrecht
2006-2009 GROUP
2007 NORTH ECNL GIRLSKristen Cullen
Mia Cullen
Drew Cullen
Brian Cullen
Stefani Pecaro
Leni Pecaro
Maria Pecaro
Becky Zimmerman
Steve Zimmerman
Gwen Zimmerman
Wyatt Zimmerman
Maggie Quinn
Michaela Quinn
Beth Quinn
Maddy Varela
George Varela
Sofia Varela
Casey Varela
Audrey McLaughlin
Amelia McLaughlin
Luke Mclaughlin
Candyce McLaughlin
Ryan McLaughlin
Lisa Sharapata
Sydney Dulak
Alisa Dulak
Steve Dulak
Paul Hickman
Jennifer Hickman
Elle Hickman
Annie Philbin
2013 DARIEN BOYSParker Chapman
Trevor Chapman
Rick Chapman
Lou Reina
Jenn Reina
Josie Reina