Eclipse Select Partners with Learners Log On LLC

OAK BROOK, IL (August 25, 2020) – The Eclipse Select Soccer Club is glad to announce a new partnership with Learners Log On LLC, founded by Eclipse Alum Katie Uyenishi. As a youth soccer club, Eclipse knows the importance of our member’s education. Many of our athletes strive for college and profession afterward. partnering with Learners Log On will allow students to excel off the field while excelling on the soccer pitch.

Katie Uyenishi was born and raised in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, in a home full of older sisters.  Illinois District 95 was home to her academic progression from kindergarten until graduating from Lake Zurich High School in the class of 2010.  Outside of school, she soccer for the Eclipse Select Soccer Club for eight years. She was co-captain for the Eclipse Select 91/92 squad, coached by Rory Dames and decorated with 5 Illinois State Cup Championships, 3 US Youth Soccer Region II Championships, and 1 USYS National Championship.  The tight-knit group gathered at the fields to get better 2-3 nights a week where they ran countless fitness tests and rolled up their sleeves to face off in countless (and often ruthless) small-sided games.  As high school came to a close, all 18 athletes went on to play for various NCAA Division I women’s soccer programs at colleges and universities across the country while pursuing individual educational agendas.

When the bittersweet time came to part with her teammates turned best friends, she headed to South Carolina to attend and represent Clemson University.  After freshman year,  her competitive mentality pushed her to transfer to Colorado College, where she found balance in a rigorous, liberal arts academic environment while representing the CC Tigers in NCAA DI women’s soccer.  Graduating in May of 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, she stayed on campus to complete her Undergraduate Teacher Licensure Program by February of 2015.  Shortly thereafter, an unexpected opportunity arose in Chicago at United Airlines Corporate Headquarters where her favorite assignment was to develop a curriculum and facilitate training courses around new contractual policy and procedure for the department of Flight Attendant Scheduling and Coordination.  United Airlines operations then led her to the New York area where she currently lives with her fiance, Ryan.



As previously mentioned, she earned her bachelor of arts degree in Sociology at Colorado College.  Amongst CC’s graduating class of 2014, She was honored to be the recipient of the Laura Golden Award, “Awarded to a woman athlete who, by her excellence in athletics, academics, leadership and college contribution, best exemplifies the high standards set by Laura Golden.”  Following graduation, her Student Teaching Practicum landed her in a third-grade classroom at a high performing school in a top Colorado Springs district.  She gained experience planning effective Common Core lessons targeting student needs in a diverse classroom setting and implemented personalized learning strategies using technology in innovative ways.

With the completion of my Student Teaching requirements, She concluded her “9th Semester” program to hold her Undergraduate Elementary Teacher Licensure credentials.



In the midst of a global pandemic, students, parents, and families are adapting to “new normals”, especially in the realm of education.  Distance learning models pose a gap between our under-resourced educators and their overflowing roster of students. That gap is filled with challenges that can induce frustration and stress onto all persons involved, but that gap can be bridged.  Katie aims to bridge that gap for our young learners by providing personalized academic tutoring and encouraging the implementation of learning strategies that place organization and time management at the forefront.



Katie offers virtual tutoring sessions for students from kindergarten through high school to assist with and supplement schoolwork, as assigned by the student’s teacher.  Subjects may include material in reading, writing, math, social studies, sciences, social sciences, physical education and health.

Learners Log On offers a unique service in that each session is carefully and thoughtfully planned to be in alignment with the appropriate age and developmental stage of each learner.  Sessions may incorporate strategies including short brain breaks and frequent transitions to ultimately increase productivity and maximize meaningful learning for the duration of the session.  The goal is to provide a learning environment that is both engaging to and effective for the individual learner.  Additionally, the session focus will be driven by your young learner’s needs as described by the parent and/or student.  To design and provide a customized learning experience around your young learner, focus and frequency will be two deciding elements.



  • Planning YOUR best Distance Learning setup, structure and strategy
  • Facilitating further explanation/discussion on material
  • Reviewing completed assignments or classwork
  • Leading more practice and repetition
  • Organizing ideas and outlining essays
  • Attention to subject area needing most growth



  • 30 minute or 60 minute One-On-One Sessions
  • 60 minute Small Pod Sessions available upon request
    ○    Groups of students, either classmate with the same material or siblings
  • Offering 1-5 sessions per week
  • Available 7 days a week



30-minute One-On-One                                     $25

60-minute One-On-One                                    $45

60-minute Small Pods (2-4 students)               $75-100

60-minute Larger Pods (5+ students)               TBD



Learn more by visiting and simply shoot an email to to get started!  Katie would love to hear from you, learn about your young learner, and answer any questions you may have.  Once you are registered, a meeting will kick off with a 30-minute complimentary session to get to know you and your student!  Appointments are subject to availability, but she pledges to do her best to be flexible and accommodating to your family’s needs and preferences. – Website

@learnerslogon – Instagram

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