The Eclipse Promise: Stand With US; Black Lives Matter

Our heart is broken for everyone affected by recent events caused by senseless violence directed towards the innocent. We mourn the unjust deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others before them. Black Lives Matter. Stand with us to strive for peace for all humanity.

Educate.  Elevate.  Engage.  Let’s stay informed of the issues at hand. Let’s openly listen and have constructive dialogue even though it may be difficult and uncomfortable. Let’s all take part in making a difference.

Below are resources to aid in social justice issues education for adults and for children. Knowledge is power.

The players, families, staff, and our community are our “Family.” Eclipse Select Soccer Club will first and foremost always be “Dedicated to Family.”     

For Adults:

Online Resources

Ted Talks

Books for Adults

For Kids:

Books for Kids

How to talk to your children about race